How to read your statement

Learn how to read a bank account statement.

The upper portion of a bank account statement.

Bank name and address
This is the name and address of the financial institution.

Statement date
This is the period of time covered by this statement.

Account number
This number identifies the account covered by this statement.

Account balance
This is the account balance according to the bank on the closing date of this statement.

Deposits section
This section lists the deposits made during the statement period.

Description of deposits
This column describes how each deposit was made.

This column lists the amount of each deposit and the total of all deposits.

Checks section
This section lists any checks that were written during the period, including each check number, date, and amount.

Other withdrawals section
This section lists other withdrawals such as debit card purchases and other electronic payments.

Each month, you should compare your records to the bank’s records to make sure that they match.

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