Recap: Money management tools & tips

 Your coaches summarize the key points you’ve learned.

AliciaOK … it’s time to recap the most valuable Money Management Tools & Tips you’ve learned:

CassieNumber one: Saving money is your key to financial independence and building wealth. Make saving a regular habit.

AliciaNumber two: Make your savings grow by earning compound interest—at the highest interest rate you can find.

CassieThree: A spending plan is a simple one-page form you can create to help make the most of your money, live a lifestyle you can afford, and reach your financial goals.

AliciaFour: Be a smart shopper. Whether it’s a major purchase or an everyday buy, make the most of the money you spend.

CassieFive: If you’re getting a car, consider the best way to go about it. And don’t forget all of the extra expenses that come with it.

AliciaAnd number six: Talk to your kids about personal finance. Teach them to develop a healthy relationship with money, and you’ll improve your own financial knowledge, skills, and attitudes along the way.

CassieAnd two last points: If you want to avoid losing your hard-earned cash to scams, fraud, and identity theft, we suggest you check out the topic Money Safety & Security. And to learn how to use credit wisely and avoid too much debt, see the topic Using Credit to Your Advantage.

AliciaThanks for joining us. With these money management tools and tips, you’re well on you way to a brighter financial future!

Remember these key points

  1. Save money regularly.
  2. Earn the most interest you can.
  3. Create your own spending plan.
  4. Be a smart shopper.
  5. Consider car buying options carefully.
  6. Teach your children healthy money habits.

To avoid losing your hard-earned cash to scams, fraud, and identity theft, see the topic Money Safety & Security.
To learn how to use credit wisely and how to manage debt, see the topic Using Credit to Your Advantage.

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