Recap: Planning your future

Your coaches summarize the key points you’ve learned.

CassieCongratulations! You’ve learned a lot about three subjects that are critical to your financial future: investing, retirement, and wealth building. So let’s review the key points for you to remember:

LuisFirst, think about your short- and long-term goals. Write them down, and update them when your circumstances change.

CassieNext, investing is a critical tool for helping your savings to grow over time. Investing involves risk, but you can help manage that risk by owning a variety of investments and following common sense investing guidelines.

LuisIf you want to retire someday, create a retirement strategy now — and get started with saving and investing as early as you can.

CassieKeep in mind that “having money” and “building wealth” are two different things. Wealth is a combination of savings, assets, and investments. It’s a set of resources you can use to take advantage of life’s opportunities. And wealth building is a series of steps you take over time.

LuisFinally, protect your financial future and your family by having adequate insurance, an investing plan, a financial plan, and an estate plan.

CassieWe hope that by taking action now to plan your future — and by acting on your plans — that you’ll build wealth, achieve your financial goals, and design your own legacy for the next generation.

Key points to remember

  • Write down your goals
  • Start investing early
  • Manage your risk
  • Create a retirement strategy
  • Wealth = savings, assets, investments
  • Build wealth step-by-step over time
  • Protect yourself with insurance
  • Create three plans for your future

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