How much money will you need to retire?

Your coaches explain some key factors to consider.

CassieHow much retirement savings do you need? To a large extent, the answer depends on three key factors: where you plan to live and the cost of living there; how many years you’ll live in retirement; and, how much your health care expenses will be during your retirement years.

LuisThat’s a great point. The average life expectancy for U.S. women is roughly 80 years old, and for men around 75; but you may live a lot longer. And retirement years are when most people have their highest health care costs.

CassieMany experts recommend that you aim for 75-85% of today’s income after you’re retired. How much money you’ll want to have for retirement depends on the lifestyle you’d like to enjoy.

The question is: how much will I need?

Key factors:

  • Your location/cost-of-living
  • Your health
  • Your lifespan
  • Your lifestyle

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