Be a part of your community

Investing in a home means much more than buying a piece of property and a house. It means becoming a good neighbor and investing in the life of a community. Even before you move in, try to become familiar with facilities in your area such as:

  • The nearest hospital.
  • Public schools and adult education classes.
  • Pharmacies and grocery stores.
  • Public transportation.
  • Local library, parks, and recreation centers.

Here are a few suggestions to become involved in your community and help make it a better place to live.

Meet your neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors can be very rewarding, but many times we’re so busy we don’t have the time to stop and get to know each other. One way to meet your neighbors is to participate in neighborhood yard sales, picnics, and neighborhood association meetings. It’s also a good idea to get to know your local businesses and shop with them or use their services. You’ll both make valuable contacts and support the economy of your neighborhood.

Participate in community events

Consider subscribing to the local newspaper. You can often get the first few months free or at a low introductory rate. If you cannot afford a subscription, go to the periodicals section of your neighborhood library, where you’ll be able to read the newspaper for free. Read the local news sections to find out about issues important to your neighborhood. If you have children, look for information about school events that interest you. You can learn about upcoming events sponsored by local organizations. You can also learn about community events in your city’s independent weekly newspaper, if available. These independent newspapers are often free and found in local cafes and bookstores.

Register and vote in local elections

Voice your concerns, opinions, and views at the polls. Remember, it doesn’t cost you anything to register to vote, and your vote counts!

Help build a stronger community

In many communities, residents join together to prevent crime by organizing neighborhood watch groups. Members work with the police and learn how to make homes safer, protect themselves from crime, and watch after the safety of one another. If your new neighborhood doesn’t have a watch group, you can call the crime prevention unit of your local police department for information Haon starting one. Other community projects you may want to get involved in include neighborhood recycling, clean-up projects, food banks, or housing rehabilitation.