Opening accounts: What to bring

No matter what bank you choose, you’ll find it’s easy to apply for savings and checking accounts. Keep in mind that different banks have different requirements for opening accounts, including a minimum age requirement for having accounts of your own. Plus there are a few things you’ll need to bring with you:

  1. Two forms of current photo identification are usually required. Ask your bank what forms of identification they accept.
  2. Ask your bank if they can accept a major credit or gas card as identification.
  3. Money to deposit. Be prepared by asking your bank in advance if there will be a minimum deposit required.

A parent or guardian must accompany a person under 18 (19 in Nebraska) and usually must bring 2 forms of current identification for the person under 18. Ask your bank which forms of ID they accept for persons under 18, for example:

  • Birth certificate
  • Immunization record
  • Student ID
  • Social Security card