Partner finances

Quick answer: It’s important to discuss family finances, even if one of you takes the lead on the day to day money management. Make sure you’re both aware of key financial information in case of injury or illness to keep difficulties minimal. Use these conversation starters to keep everyone aware of what both of you should know.

Top priorities

  • Is there a list all accounts, investments, and debts?
  • Where are records filed? Are they stored digitally or on paper?
  • Do both people know the usernames and passwords for these accounts?
  • How are bills paid? How are expenses tracked?

Other considerations

  • Where are estate planning documents? Who has copies?
  • What kinds of arrangements are planned in case of a death?
  • Who are the beneficiaries of your assets?
  • How do children fit into the financial picture?
  • Where important legal documents are (like birth certificates, marriage licenses, passports)?
  • Where are insurance policies?