Use low-cost tactics

Effective marketing can be affordable. Here are examples of techniques used by a small retail store.

Give free samples
A gumball machineGive away free samples of your products to customers who visit your store.

Print your own
A stack of open catalogs or books.Produce your own catalogs and other marketing materials. With today’s technology — personal computers, software, and color printers — you can produce small quantities of professional-looking materials less expensively than ever before. If graphic design and marketing are not your strengths, look for reasonably priced vendors to assist you.

Use email
A laptop with an email icon on its screen.Use email promotions — but only for loyal customers who have given you their permission to contact them. The people who know and like your products already are far more likely to read your emails and respond to them positively.

Send personal notes
A pen writing the words “thank you” on a sheet of paper.Mail thank-you cards to clients shortly after they’ve purchased from you. These cards need not be expensive, but a warm and friendly, hand-signed note will help build customer loyalty.

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