What is wealth-building?

Your coaches introduce the concept of building wealth.

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“Having money” and “building wealth” are really two different things. Having an income is great … it pays the bills … but that’s money that goes into your pocket and right back out. Wealth is things like savings, property, and investments. It’s resources you can use to create and take advantage of opportunities in life. Image Description
I agree. And that’s why wealth-building usually doesn’t happen overnight, or in a year, or even three years. It’s a series of steps that you take over time. The steps are simple to explain, but a lot harder to do. You have to discipline yourself to make wealth-building a lifelong pattern. If you do, you’ll keep getting better at it as time goes on. Image Description
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Wealth = A set of resources (savings, assets, investments) Allows you to create and take advantage of life’s opportunities Wealth-building = Series of steps over time Simple actions that require self-discipline
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