Shopping with a budget

ZingImagine that you’ve saved what you can from your allowance for a long time. Now it’s time to go shopping at the mall!

But don’t forget — you’ll have to pay that strange fee you Earthlings call sales tax.

Let’s say you’ve budgeted $100 to spend. You’ve also made a list of what you’d like to buy. Keeping your $100 budget in mind, go buy what you like — and as many items as you like! Very cool, huh?!

Just remember, the sales tax at this mall is 10%. If your merchandise costs more than $100, including the tax, you’ll have to choose which items to return so that you’ll stick to your budget.

ZingTake a look at the items you can buy and their prices. Think about what items you’d like to buy. Add them up to see if you have enough money to get everything you’d like!


What I want

Item Cost
Shirt $12.99
Scooter $45.99
Headset $28.95
Sweatshirt $15.99
Athletic shoes $38.95
Backpack $19.00