Course overview

ZingFirst, we’ll explore You and Your Money. Here you’ll find out where money comes from and how places called “banks” can help you with your own money.

Then we’ll go to a place called Budgeting. Is there something you want or need to buy? I bet there is, and in Budgeting, you’ll learn how to plan before you buy.

Have you ever heard of a bank account? Well, in Savings and Checking, you’ll learn how bank accounts help you save money, use checks, and even use an ATM card!

And speaking of cards…ever heard of a credit card? When we visit Credit, you’ll learn what credit is all about. It’s a world of loans and credit cards.

ZoeyIt’s very cool! – but watch out! You have to be careful with loans and credit.


ZingWhen we finish all our adventures, we’ll go to Assessment. It’s where you’ll see how much you’ve learned! If you’ve got what it takes, you’ll finish our adventure with a certificate!

Now let’s look at what else you can do in this Hands on Banking program®.

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