Meet Zing and Zoey

ZingHi! My name is ZING and I’m on my way to your planet Earth. It’s far from where I live, but Earth is really fun to visit.

ZoeyIt sure is! I’m ZOEY and I travel with Zing wherever he goes. My job is to figure out the best way to get there and make sure we arrive safely. Zing has told me all about Earth — I’m so excited to visit and to learn more about your planet.

Space travelers Zing and Zoey

ZingOne thing I like about Earth is doing things and buying things.

But it all takes that stuff you call “money.” Your money is very strange…It’s so hard to get, and yet it’s so easy to use! It practically disappears once you have it!

But now, I understand money. And I’m here to help you understand it too! So join me in the Hands on Banking® adventure!

ZoeyI can’t wait! Where are we going, Zing? And what are we going to learn?

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