Making a savings account deposit

ZingSee how easy it is to open a savings account? I told you so!

Now watch your money start growing. Let’s go to the bank to add money to your account. Again, it’s easy!

When you get to the bank, you fill out a deposit slip.

A deposit slip is a form you complete to put money in your account.

Deposit slip

Here’s how you would fill out a deposit slip.

  1. Fill in the date.
  2. Enter the account number it in the “Checking or savings account number” blocks.
  3. If you’re depositing cash, put the total amount in the “Cash” block.
  4. If you’re depositing checks, like, say, a birthday check, enter the check amounts in the “Total Checks” block.
  5. Then add up everything and enter the total at the bottom.

In real life, you would give the completed deposit slip along with your cash to the teller, who would give you a receipt and take care of the rest. That’s it.

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