Savings deposit using an ATM card

ZingAnother way to put money in your account is by using an ATM, which means automated teller machine. Instead of going inside a bank, you use a machine! ATMs are almost everywhere, and they’re really convenient!

ZoeyAnd really, who doesn’t love a nice machine?

Automated Teller Machine screen

ZingWhen you get an ATM card, the bank gives you a special code to use when whenever you use the card. It’s called a PIN, which stands for personal identification number.

ZoeyKeep your PIN a secret — and never write it on your ATM card!


ZingOh, using an ATM would be fun! If your parent or guardian helps you open your savings account, you may be able to have your own ATM card.

To make a deposit

To make a $40 deposit using an ATM, follow these steps. Please note: different machines use different terms and phrases! These are just general directions.

  1. Put your ATM card into the slot.
  2. Follow the instructions on the ATM screen.
  3. Use the ATM keys to enter your PIN.
  4. Press Enter or OK.
  5. Select Deposit.
  6. Select Savings.
  7. Use the ATM keys to enter 40.00.
  8. Press Enter or OK.
  9. Place your check (or deposit envelope) into the Deposit slot.
  10. Select No for cash back.
  11. Select No for another transaction.
  12. Take your ATM card and receipt.

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