Using a check register

Whenever you write a check, it’s very important to write down how much you’ve spent — and on what!

Think about it — you need to know how much money you have in your account before you buy something, right? Just having checks doesn’t mean you have money to spend.

Zing’s checking account register

Check # Description Date Deposit (+) Withdrawal (-) Balance
1 The Gas Company
Fuel for my spaceship
4-2 $25.89 -25.89
2 The Toy Store
Gift for my friend
4-15 15.62 -15.62
Babysitting earnings
4-20 $10 +10.00
3 The Bike Store
Bike helmet
4-21 27.92 -27.92
4 Grocery Store
5-1 36.25 -36.25
Keeping track of your checks is easy. Remember your savings account register? Well, when you open a checking account, you get a register too — a check register to keep track of the checks you write.

Using the check register is easy. Just fill in the check number and date.

Include the person or company you’re writing the check to (that’s called the payee) and what the check is for, like clothes.

Put the amount in the withdrawal column, then subtract that amount from the balance.

If you make a deposit, just enter the date and the amount of the deposit, then add it to the balance.

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