Using a savings account register

Now that you know all about making savings accounts deposits and withdrawals, let’s look at how to keep track of money coming in and out of your account.
Again, it’s easy! The bank will give you a register like this one.

Zing’s Savings Account Register

Date Description Deposit (+) Withdrawal (-) Balance
10-4 Cash withdrawal $15.00 -15.00
10-15 Babysitting money $10 +10.00
10-31 Headphones $25 -25.00
11-3 Birthday gift money $40 +40.00
Let’s look at all the different areas of the account register and I’ll walk you through how to fill one out.

First, you fill in the date of your deposit or withdrawal.

Then, look at the description column. Use this area to write out whether you’re making a withdrawal or a deposit.

If you’re getting cash for pocket money, just write down “Cash.”

Or if you’re getting cash to buy something, write down what you’re getting. I bought headphones for $25.

If you’re depositing cash, write where the money came from, so you can keep track of it.

Now find the withdrawal column. Put the dollar amount of your withdrawals here, and include the cents.

Next up is the deposit column. Put the dollar amount of your deposits here, and include the cents.

Finally, find the balance column. Here’s where you add or subtract your deposits and withdrawals. If you’re depositing money, you add that amount to the amount of money you already have — called your “balance.” If you’re withdrawing money, you subtract. Try to keep your balance up to date so you’ll always know exactly how much money you have!

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