Bank account options

Your bank account options may allow you to perform certain transactions.

Check recent transactions and available balance

  • With online banking
  • At many ATMs
  • By phone
  • At the bank
  • Using mobile banking
  • On a tablet device

Make deposits

  • Via electronic direct deposit
  • At many ATMs
  • At the bank
  • By mail
  • By mobile deposit

Direct deposit is a convenient way to automatically receive recurring income in your checking or savings account. That’s when money, such as a paycheck, is electronically transferred directly into your account. This way you receive the funds even faster and more safely than with a paper check. You’ll receive proof of deposit from your bank for all direct deposits.

By setting up direct deposit, you’ll have timely access to your paycheck or other income on payday. Most employers and government agencies offer direct deposit.

Get cash

  • At the ATM
  • At the bank
  • At many merchants, when you make a PIN-based purchase with your ATM or debit card

Make purchases

  • With a check
  • With an ATM card
  • With a debit card
  • Over the phone with a debit card
  • On the Internet with a debit card

Transfer funds

  • At an ATM
  • With online and mobile banking
  • At the bank
  • International (global) remittance
  • With your tablet device

At many banks you can set up automatic transfers from your checking to your savings account. It can be easier to save more, and more quickly, when it’s automatic. You may also have the option of automatic payments. This can help ensure that your regular monthly bills are always paid on time.

International remittance, also called global remittance, is a type of Electronic Funds Transfer. Let’s say you have family members stationed outside of the United States. This service allows you to quickly and easily transfer funds to them from your account. Ask your bank if they offer this service.

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