Search for a house

Searching for a house can be fun, tiring, and stressful

Once you’ve found a reputable real estate agent, you can begin to look at houses — while this may seem like the fun part, keep in mind it can become stressful. Follow these tips to make the process as enjoyable and beneficial as possible:

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Location, location, location

  1. Research the areas you’ll be living in, or want to live in. Use local resources, your agent, and the Internet to find up-to-date street maps.
  2. If possible, visit several neighborhoods to get a feel of the community. Talk to people in local stores and restaurants.
  3. Try to get a feel for the traffic you and your family will experience every day. Is rush hour unbearable, or will your neighborhood consists of two-lane streets with limited traffic?
  4. Learn more about the different school districts in the area. Pull up school’s report cards from the state’s education website and then visit the schools.

Schedule a trip

If you’re looking for houses that are far away from your current base or residence, schedule a trip and ask your realtor to devote as much time as possible to looking at homes. Try to give realtors advance notice so they can clear their schedule.

Choosing a house

You will see a lot of houses during your trip. Be sure you’re considering the most important aspects of the house — location, school districts, foundation, roof, windows, etc. Try to see beyond the current paint color and décor. If you find a house you love, slow down. Resist the emotional response and instead make a list of pros and cons and take your time in making a decision.

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