After the interview

Send a thank-you letter and take notes

Thank-you letter

Once the interview is over, send a thank-you letter, email, or note to the interviewer. This letter should:

  • Thank the interviewer
  • Add any additional information you either forgot or didn’t have a chance to mention
  • Reinforce any connection you made with the interviewer
  • Keep your name fresh in the interviewer’s mind and to show your continued interest

Tips for writing the thank-you letter:

  • Keep it concise and neat (if handwritten).
  • Make sure your spelling and grammar are correct.

Interview observations

Take some time right after the interview to sit down and take notes about the interview. These notes could include:

  • Everyone you talked to or whose name was mentioned
  • Topics you discussed the most
  • Questions you stumbled on
  • Questions you answered well
  • Your thoughts about the interviewer’s impression of you and your resume
  • What you learned about the company
  • Thoughts on improvement for your next interview

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