Types of interviews

Be prepared for any type of interview

A panel interview with three people

With a wide range of jobs and industries, comes a wide range of interview styles and hiring processes.

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One-on-one interviews are very common, and can be conducted by one of many people within a company or large corporation. Sometimes you’ll meet with a person from Human Resources, other times a hiring manager or supervisor. This type of interview may feel more like a conversation.

Panel interviews

Large corporations or the government typically use the panel style interview, in which three or more people question the job applicant. In some cases, the same set of questions is used for every applicant.

Telephone interviews

In some cases, a company has numerous people interested in a single job posting. In cases with a large pool of job applicants, the company could use an interview over the phone. Sometimes these phone interviews aren’t scheduled, so always be prepared to answer questions and talk about your achievements at a moment’s notice.

Stress interviews

A stress interview is designed to actually cause you stress, in an effort to see how you respond to certain situations. Many law enforcement agencies use this type of interview as handling stress well may actually be a job requirement. Stay calm and remember how your military career has prepared you for these types of stressful situations.

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