Complete a personal assessment

Answer these questions to narrow down your career and life options as you transition from military service.

While this list of questions is not exhaustive, it’s a good way to begin thinking about your personal, family, financial, and career needs. The most important thing you can do while answering these questions is to be honest with yourself about what you want.

The process of answering these questions is just as important as the final result. As you continue your transition to a new civilian career, refer to your completed worksheet to help narrow your search and evaluate potential offers.

Instructions: Fill out and print the self-assessment questions. Or download the Word version.

Self-assessment questions

Personal exploration Answers
Describe yourself without mentioning your military service or past careers.
What qualities define you? What traits do you possess that are different than your past/current career?
What are the top things you want to accomplish in the next phase of your life?
For example: go back to school, learn a trade, travel, or start a business.
Why are these things important to you? Why do you want to complete them?
For example: I need financial security, or I want to learn more about different cultures, or I want to work for myself.
What are your personal objectives?
For example: financial independence, early retirement, or spend as much time with my family as possible.
List your hobbies.
Place and location considerations Answers
If you were asked to move for a job, would you consider relocating?
If you do need to move for a job and currently own a home, what would you do? Sell it or rent it?
What kind of locale would you enjoy the most? For example: city, rural area, suburb, or overseas.
What do you like about your current location? What do you dislike?
Do you prefer a tight-knit community, or do you prefer to keep to yourself?
Familiy considerations Answers
If you’re married, does your spouse have a job? Would he/she consider relocating for your new job?
Does your spouse want to move?
Do you have children at home? How would a move affect them?
Is it important to be near your extended family?
Working with others Answers
Do you prefer to work independently or do you enjoy collaboration?
What type of people do you want to work for or with? For example: I prefer working with a strong leader who provides measurable goals for me.
Do you prefer certain personality types when it comes to co-workers or bosses?
Do you prefer supervising people or being supervised yourself?
Career considerations Answers
During your military career and/or past job positions, what were you most successful at?
For example: leading people, fast completion of tasks with few errors, or training co-workers.
Do you want a career that focuses on your current specialties or areas of expertise?
Do you enjoy working most with people, with things (products), or with information?
Do you thrive in stressful situations? Can you handle a stressful job? Or do you prefer a job with minimal stress?
Are you looking for a more demanding career or would you prefer a less demanding job?
Are flexible hours and workspace important to you?
If necessary, would you accept an entry-level position?
List some career opportunities that interest you.
Financial considerations Answers
Do you have an idea of how much money you would like to make?
How much money do you need to make to support yourself and your family?
Do your skills allow you to request that amount of money? Or would you need more training or education?
Do you need insurance or a benefits package for you or your family?
Skills and abilities Answers
What are your special skills or abilities?
What are your top three skills?
Would you benefit from additional training or education to improve your skills?
What motivates you? For example: self-fulfillment, large salary, healthy competition, being part of a team, or recognition.

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