Translate your military skills to civilian terms

De-militarize your skills and achievements

Three firefighters walking between fire trucksA marine saluting

The skills and expertise you gained during your military service are valuable and highly desired. And if you can explain to potential employers what you can offer them — in terms they understand — your job search may be shorter.

1. Make a list of your skills/accomplishments
Make a list of everything you’ve done or accomplished during your time in the military. For this first step, use words and phrases you know and are comfortable with — even if they’re military specific.

2. Identify the core value or expertise for each accomplishment.
Take the time to really think about what you accomplished, and the skills you needed to succeed at the task. For example: attention to detail, calmness under pressure, ability to juggle multiple projects at once, etc.

3. Use all the tools you can.
There are dozens of online tools and websites that you can use to help translate your military skills to civilian terms. Many of these tools allow you to simply enter your military job to receive suggestions of skills you’ve learned during your service. Try an online search using phrases such as “translate military experience to civilian terms,” which will provide a lot of resources.

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