Resume formats

Use one of three different types of resumes

Highlight your strengths with a powerful resume.

Instructions: Click each type of resume to see which one is best for you.

Chronological resumes

If you have a work record that is steady, this resume may work best. It will list your last several jobs in chronological order, starting with your most recent position. Skills and accomplishments are listed with your employment history.

  • Most common type of resume
  • Easy to prepare and read
  • Shows off career growth as well as growth in skills and achievements


  • Highlights any gaps you may have in employment history
  • Not easy to create if you have no work history
  • Can unintentionally highlight how many times and how often you’ve changed jobs

Functional resumes

This type of resume places more emphasis on skills, rather than work history. The main part of the resume would list these skills, or areas of expertise (e.g. leadership, communication skills)

  • Emphasizes skills over work history
  • Allows you to organize different skills while downplaying any gaps in employment


  • May send a message that you’re trying to hide something
  • Doesn’t include specific employers, or dates of employment

Combination resumes

A combination resume takes the best of a chronological resume and the best of a functional resume and combines them into one. Use this type of resume to highlight specific skills in the main body, with a list of employers/employment history below.

  • Emphasize skills/achievements earned in a variety of jobs
  • Includes most recent job history, including dates and specific employers


  • May become disjointed if not created well
  • May require more effort to create

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