Create a family care plan

Make sure your family is taken care of

The Department of Defense requires these types of military servicemembers or families to create a family care plan:

  • Single parents
  • Dual-member couples with dependents
  • A married service member with custody or joint custody of a child whose non-custodial biological or adoptive parent is not the current spouse of the member
  • Members who are primarily responsible for dependent family members

An airman and his young daughter.

However, a family care plan is important for all families with a deployed member.

Consider developing a family care plan whether you are deployed or not. It can help you in the future with Temporary Duty (TDY) or Temporary Additional Duty (TAD), or other family events.

Contents of the family care plan

The family care plan is a collection of documents that:

  • Describes who will provide care for children, elderly, or disabled family members
  • Lists legal, medical, logistical, educational, monetary, and religious arrangements for family members
  • Must address all foreseeable situations
  • Must be detailed enough to provide a smooth transfer of responsibilities if servicemembers are away

Requirements of the family care plan

Talk to your local family support center to create your family care plan. This plan requires you to:

  • Provide current contact information for family members, neighbors, or friends who can help your family in case of an emergency
  • Make arrangements for medical care, transportation, child care, and schooling
  • Create and maintain an updated list of contact information for child care and medical providers
  • Select a person who will become the temporary guardian for your children — and ask them to agree to this in writing
  • In appropriate situations, to share this plan with family, friends, and other extended family members who can help

Select a trusted individual

Be sure that the plan you create to help ease the transition for your family includes assigning a trusted individual to take care of all your financial matters and decisions while you are deployed.

This could be a:

  • Spouse
  • Parent
  • Close friend
  • Financial professional

This person must not only be capable of managing your finances responsibly and accurately, but also understand your financial situation and your wishes.

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