Ask questions about overseas PCS

Use these questions to make the necessary preparations for your overseas PCS

A passport and pen resting on top of a travel itinerary. Use all the resources at your disposal to make sure you’re ready to make the move overseas. Talk to the relocation manager at your current base, or peers who have been through the process.
Your gaining unit will provide a sponsor to assist in your relocation needs. A Family Readiness Group (or equivalent) will provide additional resources.

Instructions: Fill out and print this checklist of questions to ask as you prepare to move. Or download the Word version.

Relocation checklist for overseas

Relocation question Answer
  1. Is my family allowed to travel with me? (Ask this right away! There is a deadline for gaining approval for dependent entry.)
  1. May I travel concurrently with my family to my assigned country? (Talk to your personnel office as soon as you are notified of your move.)
  1. What paperwork do we need to complete for the appropriate visas, etc.?
  1. What type of housing is available (on-base, apartment, house rental, buying a home)?
  1. What are the approximate dimensions of my new housing? Will I receive storage space?
  1. How long will I need to wait before I can move into new housing?
  1. What furniture or appliances are provided?
  1. What are the electrical standards? Can I find transformers/adapter plugs readily?
  1. What is the availability and condition of temporary lodging?
  1. What household items or clothes should I ship/not ship?
  1. May I bring personal firearms? Do I have storage options for them?
  1. What are my shopping options? Is there a military exchange?
  1. What cultural differences should I be aware of?
  1. Are there any safety considerations for the family?
  1. What are the schooling options for my dependents?
  1. Can my spouse legally work in this country?

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