Insurance protection during PCS

Avoid loss with insurance during your PCS

As in any move, your household and personal items are at risk for damage. As you prepare for your PCS, consider whether you’ll need any additional insurance to cover your belongings during the move.

A couple packing for a move.

Follow these basic guidelines to determine whether you’ll need extra insurance during your PCS.

  1. Talk to your relocation manager to learn what kind of insurance is offered from the military for your move.
  2. Determine how your personal and household items will be protected during the move.
  3. If you need additional insurance, check to see whether your renters, homeowners, or auto insurance will cover any damage during the move.
  4. If you are moving yourself and are contracting with a moving company, find out if your moving company covers damage, breakage, or mold. If not, purchase insurance before they pick up anything.
  5. Talk to the transportation and legal offices at your installation for information concerning handling coverage and claims reporting.

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