Keep medical coverage up to date

Make sure your health care coverage is easily accessible during PCS.

Getting sick or having a medical emergency while you are preparing for or undergoing your PCS can add to any stress you’re already feeling.

To make sure you and your family’s medical needs are covered during your relocation, it’s helpful to:

  1. Understand your TRICARE coverage
  2. Have updated the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) with your or your family’s most current information

Understand TRICARE coverage

Your TRICARE benefits will move with you to your new location. Before you move, contact your:

  1. Current TRICARE office to receive detailed health insurance coverage information
  2. Regional TRICARE office when you know your new address — this will ensure your coverage becomes effective after you arrive at your new base.

A young girl on crutches. If you, your spouse, or children experience an accident or medical emergency while you’re travelling, go to the nearest emergency room. Save any documentation and receipts from your visit so you can seek reimbursement if necessary.
Visit the website for more information about your TRICARE benefits.

Update DEERS

DEERS is the worldwide computerized database of military servicemembers and their families who are eligible to receive TRICARE benefits.

Before your PCS, make sure all the information for you and your family is correct in the database. This will help you avoid unpaid healthcare claims and other problems during the move.

Visit the DEERS website to review your information.

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