Apartment-hunting checklist

Use this handy checklist when you’re hunting for an apartment, condominium, or rental house.

Instructions: Here are three ways to use the checklist.

  • Print the checklist and then write in information as you gather information about a rental.
  • Fill in the checklist online for a rental that you’re considering.
  • Download the Word version where you can fill in the checklist to compare multiple properties.

Apartment-hunting checklist

Property name and address
Lease details
Date of availability
Length of lease
Security deposit
Other upfront costs (such as first and last month’s rent)
Penalties — late rent fee, returned checks, other fees
How much notice is needed before moving out and the penalty if you break your lease.
Property details
Will unit be painted or cleaned on move in?
What appliances are included?
What utilities am I responsible for? And what is the expected monthly cost?
Who do I contact about maintenance?
Are there quiet hours? If so, when?
Is there parking provided? Are there additional costs for parking spaces?
Distance from military installation
How much notice will the landlord provide before entering?
Are pets allowed? If so, is there a fee?
Other notes:

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