Living off-base: pros and cons

Ready to make the move to living off-base?

Young military couple unpacking boxes in their off-base apartmentSoldiers with more rank can generally choose to move out of the dormitories or barracks and live in an apartment, house, or condominium, and receive a housing and food allowance.
If you live off-base it is your responsibility to pay your own rent and utilities. If there is money left over after your housing and food expenses, it is yours to keep and save.
As you learned previously, off-base living might be a good option if you want to feel like you can go “home” after work, or would like to feel more immersed in the local community. This can be attractive if you and your family live overseas.

If you decide to live off-base and want to rent, you’ll need to understand how to find and afford an apartment, condominium, or rental house (which is covered on the next screen).

If you want to become a homeowner, see the topic Buying a Home.

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