Why are the elderly targets?

Why are the elderly attractive targets?

There are many reasons why the elderly become targets and fall prey to scammers or thieves. The most common reason is that seniors are most likely to depend on others, due to disabilities or declining health. Their caregivers have ready access to their homes, financial accounts, personal information, medical supplies and medications, and they are typically trusted companions who can easily influence a senior.

A well illuminated house at dusk.In terms of financial matters, seniors may not realize the value of what they own — including their homes, which may be worth more than they think. This could make them a likely target for scammers or predators who could offer to buy their homes or possessions for a fraction of what these items are really worth.

Many elderly people are not comfortable with evolving technology used to manage their finances. Perpetrators could easily volunteer to help older people set up online access to their bank accounts in an attempt to gain control over their usernames and passwords.

In an attempt to simplify their lives, some seniors have predictable patterns, such as receiving monthly checks or going to the bank on the same day every week. If perpetrators notice this routine or pattern, they can easily break into the home while the elderly person is away or even attempt to physically take the older person’s possessions through strong-arm tactics such as robbery or mugging.

Additionally, perpetrators often know that seniors who are sick or impaired are less likely to take action because of their illness, embarrassment, or fear. Abusers may assume that a senior may not live long enough to deal with legal interventions or even make convincing witnesses.

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