Build a retirement strategy team

Seek out qualified professionals

If you’re like most people, you’d like to retire some day, and you have some ideas about the kind of life you’d like to lead in retirement. But do you and your family have a strategy in place to help make that happen?

Two women talking to an investment advisor.

Creating a retirement strategy is a great first step, and there are a number of people who can help you. These include your employer, tax advisor, and an investment advisor. Think of these individuals as your retirement strategy team. Take advantage of the information they can offer you.

Create a retirement strategy team:

  • Employer
  • Tax advisor
  • Investment advisor
  • Insurance agent

Remember, lots of good information is available about retirement planning at low or no-cost — in books, magazines, and on the web. But, if you do pay someone to advise or assist you, be sure you understand how (and how much) you’ll be charged.

A woman sitting outdoors in a lounge chair, working on her laptop.

Some financial services companies will answer basic financial questions for free, or create a basic financial plan for as little as a few hundred dollars. You may have to pay for some planning services, but financial advice doesn’t have to be expensive. Paying for that advice now can be a bargain if it helps you make smart financial choices that pay off in the long run.

But be sure to check the credentials of any financial advisor you use. Make sure they have a solid track record and reputation.