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AngieFirst, in You and Your Money, you’ll find out where money comes from and how it measures value. You’ll see what goes on in a bank and how banks help you manage your money. Plus, you’ll see how you can make more money by increasing your earning power.

AlexEver wonder where your money goes? In Budgeting you’ll learn how to make your dollars go further. Putting yourself in control of your money is a smart way to help you get what you want, faster.

AngieEver thought about having a savings account? And in the future, a checking account? In Savings and Checking, you’ll see how these bank products can help you save your money — and pay for things.

AlexIn Credit and You, you’ll find out how credit cards and loans can help you get money fast — but the trick is, you’ve got to pay it back!

AngieNow imagine your money multiplying… It can! Learn the first steps to take in Smart Investing!

AlexIn Assessment, you’ll put it all together as you try some real-life money based problems. You’ll even get a certificate when you’re done — proof that you’ve got your hands on the situation!

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