Savings deposit with an ATM card

AngieIf your savings account is co-signed with a parent or guardian, you can also use an ATM card to put cash or checks into your savings account. ATM stands for automated teller machine. They’re banking machines that do what a teller would do. It’s easy, and you can use most ATMs 24 hours a day!

Automated Teller Machine

AngieWhen the bank issues an ATM card, they also give you a PIN, which means personal identification number. This PIN is like a password — so don’t share it with anyone! And never write the PIN on your ATM card!

Keep your money safe — Don’t give anyone your ATM card or PIN!

AngieFirst, you’ll need a deposit envelope. They’re usually right next to the ATM, or you can find them inside the bank.

Before you deposit a check, you’ll need to write your signature on the back, or endorse it. Also be sure to write down your account number with your signature.

AngieLet’s say you’ve just received a $25 birthday check from an uncle. In real life, you’d endorse the check first and write down your account number too.

For now deposit the check into your account using the ATM.

Be sure to keep your receipt!

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