Boosting your earning power

AngieNow comes the big question: How can you, a teenager like me, make more money? Sure, it’s great to earn allowance or babysitting money now, but what about when we’re older? How do we increase our earning power?

It’s a fact —people with higher education and more skills earn more money on the job than those with less education and fewer skills. So start planning now! Education will be the most important factor, but your skills will matter a lot too, like skills in computers or languages, or math and science, or writing.

AngieOne reason I’m saving for a computer is so I can develop really strong computer skills. They’ll be useful no matter what field I eventually get into.

So start boosting your earning power now! Get education and skills on your side. It will pay off!

To increase your earning power, educate yourself and learn skills, such as:

  • Computer skills
  • Math and science skills
  • Writing skills

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