Getting to your money in the bank

AngieOnce you’re set up with accounts at a bank, how do you get to your money, so you can use it? How do you give the bank even more money if you want to? And then, how do you keep track of it? Banks are there to help you. They’ve made it easy!

For example, they’ve made it convenient to get your money 24 hours a day! You can get cash, add cash or checks, and transfer money between accounts, either at a bank, over the phone, at an automated teller machine (or ATM for short) — even at banks located in some grocery stores!

A bank, a smartphone, an ATM, and a grocery store

It’s easy to access your money at:

  • Banks
  • Automated teller machines (ATM)
  • Phones
  • Banks in grocery stores

AngieNo matter how you access your money, banks make it easy to see where your money is, and how much you have. They make it easy to be a good money manager.

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