Practice your ATM skills

To make a deposit using an ATM, follow these steps. Please note: different machines use different terms and phrases! These are just general directions.

ATM screen

  1. Put your ATM card into the slot.
  2. Follow the instructions on the ATM screen.
  3. Use the ATM keys to enter your PIN.
  4. Press Enter or OK.
  5. Select Deposit.
  6. Select Savings.
  7. Use the ATM keys to enter the amount you’re depositing.
  8. Press Enter or OK.
  9. Place your check (or deposit envelope) into the Deposit slot.
  10. Select No for cash back.
  11. Select No for another transaction.
  12. Take your ATM card and receipt.

Note: In the real world, remember to always take your cash, card, and a receipt when you’re done — and to record every transaction in your transaction register.

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