More money tools for you

Here are more tools many financial institutions offer.


A woman taking money out of an ATMAn Automated Teller Machine, or ATM, is a specialized computer used by bank customers to manage their money, for example, to get cash, make deposits, or transfer money between accounts.

Online banking

A woman working on a computer.Online banking is a paperless way to handle banking activities with your personal computer, using the Internet. Helpful features may include automatic transfers between accounts (to help you set aside money in savings automatically) and bill pay.

Mobile banking

A man talking on a cell phone.Available at some banks, mobile banking gives you the convenience of using a mobile device to check on your accounts, for example, sending a text message from your cell phone to find out your current account transactions.

Overdraft protection

Offered by many banks, overdraft protection is a service that automatically transfers money from a linked account that you select, such as a savings or credit account, when you don’t have enough money in your checking account to pay your transactions.

Note: Ask your bank for more information about these and other services they offer — how they work, how they can help you, and any fees you may be charged.

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