More education = more earning power

The level of education you achieve can make a huge difference in how much money you’re able to earn.

Everyone’s situation and goals in life are a little different. A four-year college degree may not be right for everyone. You may be interested in community college, junior college, trade school, or technical training instead.

Synthetic work-life earnings estimates for full-time year-round workers by educational attainment

Educational attainment 2005 dollars (millions)
Professional degree $5.61 million
Doctoral degree $4.45 million
Master’s degree $3.34 million
Bachelor’s degree $2.74 million
Associate’s degree $1.92 million
Some college, no degree $1.86 million
High school graduate, including GED $1.53 million
Not a high school graduate $1.10 million

On average, a college graduate earns $1.2 million more in their lifetime than a high school graduate.

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