More education = more job options

Your guides explain how more education may give you more choices of jobs and careers.

OliviaFor some jobs, you don’t need specialized education or training beyond what you learned in high school. But lots of jobs do require it. And there are lots of options for getting it: trade school, technical school, or college.

MichelleMany subjects offered at college aren’t geared to specific jobs or careers. But college can give you skills that will help you in almost any area:  how to research, solve problems, and express yourself. And some classes could help you get ready for jobs in healthcare, high tech, or the business world.

OliviaExactly. Education beyond high school can give you the kind of knowledge and skills that lead to more options of jobs and careers.

Photos of different people in different careers, a teacher, a chef, a designer, and a construction worker

MichelleSo … think about the kinds of work that you think are worthwhile. What interests you? What are you naturally good at? And what’s your idea of an amazing challenge?

OliviaAfter you’ve identified some careers that interest you, see what kind of education and training is required and how the salaries in those jobs match up with your financial goals.

Note: Free information about jobs and careers is available at the public library and on the Web: what the job involves, the training and education you’ll need, typical pay, and current employment outlook.

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