Consider your options

Your guides introduce the topic of choosing your living situation.

CarlosLet’s talk about deciding where to live. There are no right or wrong answers. Everyone’s goals and circumstances, financial and otherwise, are a little different. So it’s up to you to think through what works best for you, your job, your lifestyle, and your budget.

CarlosYou may have a few options: living with your family, student housing, or an apartment on your own or with roommates. Someday you may buy a home of your own.

MatthewWhen I moved out of my family’s house, the only thing I knew for sure was that housing was now a major expense. Like lots of people, it’s my number one expense.

CarlosWe’ll show you how to create a housing situation that works for you … and avoid the hassles of one that doesn’t.

Three postcards that show different locales — a city, a small town, and a farm.

Note: Some places are generally more or less expensive to live in than others. This “cost of living” factor is important to keep in mind as you explore options for where and how you want to live.

Is there a move in your future? The most recent U.S. Census shows that about a third of all people in their twenties move every year.

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