Jobs and earning money

Once I understood that money starts in banks, I had another surprise. I learned that you don’t just get money – most people have to earn it. You Earthlings do jobs for money!

Remember, jobs equal money. Some examples of jobs include being a waitress, a pilot, or a teacher.

I’ve also learned that the more education, experiences, and skills you Earthlings have, the more your earning power will increase – and so will the opportunities for great jobs! Earthlings value skills – like computer skills, writing skills, math, and foreign language skills.

Education plus experience plus skills equals earning power.

I have skills. I light up the sky so you can fly straight and I’m a great navigator. What kinds of skills do you have?

Look here at the jobs I found that I can do now to earn money.

Each job pays different amounts of money, or “rates.” The money I make is called income or earnings. 

Walking a dog earns 3 dollars and 75 cents           Running an errand earns 3 dollars and 50 cents

Washing a car earns 7 dollars and 50 cents           Babysitting earns 5 dollars

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