The Hands on Banking® / El futuro en tus manos® program is a free, engaging, and noncommercial financial education program offered as a public service by Wells Fargo. Available in both English and Spanish, the Hands on Banking program teaches people in all stages of life about the basics of responsible money management, including how to create a budget, save and invest, borrow responsibly, buy a home, and establish a small business.

Hands on Banking - Money skills you need for life

Since we began Hands on Banking in 2003, we have reached over 12 million people with our financial education program through classes, workshops, and the Hands on Banking website. Last year the Hands on Banking website received more than 1.3 million unique visitors from within the United States and abroad (based on 2019 figures).

The Hands on Banking program can be used by individuals wanting to improve their financial health as well as educators. Begin exploring the site by taking the short financial assessment. We will show you the most relevant tools and resources that can help you achieve your goals. We’ve got you covered – whether you’re just starting out and trying to establish yourself financially, are in the military looking for the resources that can help you financially plan for deployment or permanent changes of station (PCS), or are nearing retirement and want to make sure your financial foundation is strong.

Financial education and knowledge is important for everyone – take some time to explore the financial assessment, our tools, resources, and more.