Owning a pet can bring a lot of happiness to your life but they are a huge responsibility. It is important to understand what kind of commitment you are making upfront.

pets looking over a wall

1. Start by asking yourself these questions to determine if you have the means the take care of a pet. These questions can help you narrow down the type of pet you may be interested in.

  • Time Commitment
    • Take a close look at your schedule. Do you have the amount of time it requires to tend to a new pet?
  • Space (Internal & External)
    • Examine your living or housing arrangement. Do you have the space necessary to house the type of pet you want?
    • Does the type of pet you want need to be outdoors? Do you have a designated outdoor area for your pet?
  • Money
    • Different pets come with different costs. How much money do you have to spare in your monthly budget to buy and take care of your pet?

2. Once you figure out the time commitment, space, and money necessary for the pet you can use this budget below to determine the potential cost of your pet.

ExpensesEstimated Cost
One Time Expenses
The Actual Pet 
Bedtime Essentials 
Taking Care of Business 
Collar/Tags Litter Box 
Training PadsPoo Bags 
Water Filter 
Feeding Time 
Food and Water Bowls/ Feeder 
Food Mat/ Feeding Area 
Staying Healthy 
Vet Bills – Shots, Medication, Annual Exams
Pet Insurance Premiums/Pet Wellness Plan
While You’re Away 
Boarding/Pet Sitting/Walking 
Pet Carrier 
Play/Just for Fun 
Habitat Accessories 
Other Fees 
Annual License/Registration* 
Apartment/Condo/Rental Pet Rent 
*Check your city/county/state for requirements and information regarding pet licensing and registration.

3. Helpful Resources: