Talking to your kids about money

Like with any important topic, it’s good for kids to hear about their parents’ perspectives on money.

A mother and father talking to their son.

AliciaLet’s face it: we live in a consumer society where money is part of daily life. American kids are barraged with advertising encouraging them to buy. And once they leave high school, they’re often flooded with credit card offers.

CassieIt’s so tempting, but at the same time, most young people lack a basic understanding of personal finance. The majority of high school seniors graduate without knowing the basics of money management.

AliciaAs a parent, you have the opportunity to educate your kids about smart money management. This lesson will show you how. Teaching your kids to develop a healthy relationship with money can have a positive, lifelong impact — and improve your own financial knowledge, skills, and attitudes along the way.

CassieTalking with your kids about personal finance will show that you recognize they’re on the road to becoming responsible young adults. By gradually transferring more financial responsibility to them, they’ll gain experience in planning, making choices, and learning to live independently.

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