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Check out our free, non-commercial financial education curriculum. There are many resources to help you build your students’ financial capability. Help families continue the conversation at home. Explore resources and activities that students can do with parents and guardians to extend their learning. Click here to view the Family Resources in Spanish. Your students can begin learning important financial concepts by jumping into one of our interactive courses aligned with Common Core State Standards.
Elementary School – Grades 1-3 Family Activities Kids Course (Grades 4-5)
Meet the Coins Elementary (Grades 1-3) – Meet the Coins Teens Course (Grades 6-8)
Meet the Coins Poster Elementary (Grades 4-5) – Best Outing Ever Young Adults Course (Grades 9-12)
Elementary School – Grades 4-5 Elementary (Grades 4-5) – You Can Help Too
Meeting Financial Goals Middle School – Planning for a Big Expense
Spending, Saving and Giving Back Middle School – Acts of Kindness
Middle School – Grades 6-8 High School – Budgeting IRL
Budgeting to Reach a Financial Goal High School – Give Until It Helps
Including Charity Donations in Your Budget Helpful Articles for Families
High School – Grades 9-12 7 Steps to Teach Your Child About Money
Meeting Goals in Spite of Unexpected Events Allowance as a Teaching Tool
Evaluating Charities Talking Money with Your Family
Navigating the World of Virtual Currency Talking to Your Kids About Money
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