How to protect your home asset

Follow these steps and protect your asset

Pay your mortgage
Starting with your very first mortgage payment, be sure to make your payments on time. If you don’t make your payments, you could damage your credit rating and lose your home.

Some lenders offer automatic mortgage payment programs that will ensure that your mortgage is paid on time. Some plans allow you to pay off your loan more quickly so that you pay less interest over time and possibly accumulate equity faster. Ask your lender about the automatic mortgage payment options they offer.

Manage your money
Establish a monthly schedule for paying your bills. Consider using an automatic bill pay service. Stick to your spending plan so you don’t overspend. Keep careful financial records to stay aware of where you stand.

Postpone new debt
As a new homeowner, avoid opening new credit accounts. Before you make any other major purchases and take on additional debt, be sure you handle your new monthly housing expenses, including your new mortgage, utilities, and other home-related expenses.

Keep on saving
Now that you’re a homeowner, it’s more important than ever to set aside money for planned and unexpected expenses. Try to have enough savings available for three to six months of expenses should you need it.

Maintain your property
Maintain your home inside and out. Regular maintenance may help you to avoid more expensive repairs later on. It may also help reduce energy costs and keeps up the value of your most important asset, your home.

Have adequate insurance
The value of insurance is to protect you from unexpected expenses. Make sure you have adequate coverage in all areas, including homeowners’ insurance.

Use home equity carefully
Take advantage of borrowing against your home equity if you need to, but manage it carefully. Always pay on time. Read more about borrowing on your home equity.

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