Military to civilian pay considerations

Convert your military pay to civilian pay

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Military pay and civilian pay are not the same. As you figure out how much money you’ll need to earn in your next position, be sure to also consider:

  • Benefits, such as health care, dental care, or life insurance
  • Incentive pay, commissions, etc.
  • Cost of living if you plan to move
  • Tax rates (income tax, sales tax, property tax, etc.)

Here are some resources you can use to begin thinking about your future salary or wage.

The Department of Defense provides a calculator that shows an approximate equivalent civilian salary. You’ll be asked to input:

  • Your military pay grade
  • Years of service
  • Location
  • The size of your family
  • Your itemized deduction estimate
  • State marginal tax rate
  • Monthly spousal income

Use the Regular Military Compensation Calculator on the Department of Defense Military Compensation website.

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