Steps to establish credit

Want to get started building credit? Here are good steps to take.

Read through the list and consider how you’ve already managed and built your credit. Keep in mind that doing one or more of these will help you build your credit.

A checkbook and a calculator.Open your own bank accounts and manage them well.

A check stamped 'insufficient funds'.Avoid spending more than you have in your bank accounts.

A gasoline credit cardGet a gas/store credit card; always pay your bills on time. Gas and retail store credit cards may be easier to qualify for, and allow you to start building a history of making payments on time.

A credit card with the word “secured” stamped on itGet a secured credit card linked to a savings account.  Always pay your bills on time.

If you rent an apartment, put the lease and utility bills in your name and always pay your rent and bills on time.

A couple moving into a new house.

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