Increase sales with P.R.

A well-written press release will attract positive attention for your small business.

Public Relations (P.R.) means a business’ efforts to maintain a positive public image. Public relations are often conducted through the media. Writing and distributing a press release — a thoughtfully prepared written statement — is the traditional way for businesses to communicate with the media.

What is in a press release?

Here is a list of the main parts of a press release, in order as they appear:

The most important, attention-grabbing, newsworthy idea

First paragraph
Essential info; who, what, when, where, why

Further info/quote
Background or supporting info; optional first-person statement from key person/expert

Final paragraph
Brief summary of your company: location, type of business, who you serve, year founded

Contact info
Your name, phone number, email address

The date of your release and the phrase “For immediate release”

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