Are you an entrepreneur?

In addition to experience and expertise, many successful entrepreneurs share certain personal qualities. Although it’s a rare person who excels in all of these traits, reviewing this list may help you decide whether starting and managing your own business is a career path you’d like to pursue.

Review this list and determine which characteristics describe you.

  • Takes initiative. A self-starter. Doesn’t need a boss.
  • Driven to achieve. Enjoys competition. Will work hard and sacrifice.
  • Positive mental attitude. Self-confident.
  • Sets goals. Has vision. Works with focus.
  • Plans ahead. Creates plans and follows them.
  • A leader. Takes responsibility. Is accountable. Motivates and inspires others.
  • Good communicator. Great people skills. Good listener and negotiator.
  • Organized. Prioritizes. Meets deadlines.
  • Uses money well. Good at managing finances.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), 95% percent of all business failures are caused by the business owner’s lack of experience and expertise.

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